Krauss Surface Saver has been in our garage for many year’s, we have enjoyed the ease of keeping our garage floor free of oil spills, mud, gravel, salt, and melting snow….it has proven to be very durable, well made and completely trouble free….the mere fact that all deposit’s from our vehicle end up on the mat and not all over the surface of the garage makes clean up so easy…We would highly recommend this product to anyone who is intent on keeping there garage looking great..… — Barry and Debbie – Rouleau, Saskatchewan – Canada

I have had two Krauss Surface Saver garage floor mats in my garage for the last twelve years and they have given me excellent service. We live in small town Saskatchewan so we travel gravel and mud roads almost every day. We have been in and out of our garage countless times with the sharp stones on our tires and have never had a cut or a leak. We just pull them out on the driveway in the summer and hose them off or use the shop vac to clean up the water in the winter. Before we had the mats we left our vehicles outside in bad weather, what a waste. If you are tired of mud and slop in your garage have a look at this product you won’t be sorry.— Wray – Eldora Beach, Saskatchewan – Canada

We have used Krauss Surface Saver mats since 1999 after seeing a review in the Western Producer Newspaper. They have worked just as advertised. Keeping all drips, dirt, and other kinds of crap from running to all corners of the garage. Simply shop vac under the wheels in morning before going to work, all those hunks of ice & snow having melted over night. Using them under cars, trucks, and compact tractor with roto tiller & snowblower, all water, dirt, snow, ice, engine or hydraulic oil drips, tractor tire fluid leaks being captured on the mat. Giving them a sweep in spring and fall is all the maintenance we have done. I recommend them all the time when ever someone says their garage floor is a mess. — Terry – Killarney, Manitoba – Canada

I recently purchased my 2nd Krauss Surface Saver garage floor mat in November 2010. My 1st mat is a couple years old and I liked it so much that I needed another one for my second vehicle. I noticed that these mats were built in North America which was a huge deciding factor when it came to purchasing these mats. The quality of material is excellent. I was not sold on the other garage mats that are made in China just for the quality reason. The raised outside perimeter always keeps its form no matter how much I drive over it even when its extremely cold. I would recommend these to every person that likes to keep their garage floor clean.— Norma – Fulton, New York – U.S.A

Great product!! No Assembly, Made in North America. No other mats compare to this one. That’s all I have to say. Highly recommended!!—  John – Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada

I purchased 2 mats in November, 2002. What I liked about the mats is that they kept the dirt and slush from falling directly onto the garage floor. When the snow melted, the mess stayed on the mats and it was easy to clean up. In spring and fall the mats can be easily pulled out of the garage and swept off, eliminating breathing in a lot of dust and dirt in the process. My Dad and Brother in law were very impressed with the mats that they had me order another 4 for their own use. I’ve been very satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it to others. I would not hesitate to purchase another mat from your company.— Bob – Yorkton, Saskatchewan – Canada

I just wanted to drop you a line and mention what an awesome product you have. I went through some of the so-called heavy duty garage floor mats that were destroyed in less than a season (multiple mats at that). Your mat is truly heavy-duty and withstands the rigors of a garage environment. Furthermore, the design of the perimeter as well as overall construction is second to none. After experiencing first hand the “other” mats your product is far superior than ANYTHING else on the market and has withstood the tough Colorado winters without so much as a hole or rip.— Andrew – Niwot, Colorado – U.S.A