Garage Mats for Cars

A garage car mat lets you keep your garage and shop looking as good as new. No more worries about stains that won’t disappear or corrosive damage to the flooring. Garage Mat is pleased to bring you the answer to stained and damaged flooring by selling a new patented product: a garage mat that takes the hit. Gone are the days where your garage or shop floor looks messy and unappealing.

Car Mats

A garage mat for cars keeps your garage flooring clean by containing fluids and other materials in one spot. The unique edging of the mat is raised to ¾ inch so that fluids don’t have the opportunity to spread. You can park your vehicle overnight and know that it won’t leave behind any oil stains on the garage flooring. The Canada garage mat edging is durable enough to withstand the weight of any vehicle as it drives over the rim.

Our car mat is also a good solution for your shop area. You can work on your vehicle knowing that corrosive materials and fluids will be captured by the mat. Once you’ve finished work on your vehicle, the mat is easily cleaned with soap and water, a broom, or a shop vac. Keeping your garage floor clean has never before been this easy.

Some features of our Car Mat for Garage Floors:

  • The mat is light weight, which means that it is easy to move around from one area to another.
  • Standard mat size is 7.5′ wide x 19.5′ long. Other sizes include 7.5′ x 18′ and 7.5′x16′ mats.
  • The total weight of the mat is about 34 pounds.
  • There is no assembly required; just put the mat in place and it’s ready to use.
  • The mat is manufactured of a strong vinyl coated polyester weave that is coated for U.V protection.
  • Company is based in Canada, product is manufactured in the USA

When you choose to use a mat, you avoid a messy and dirty garage. Our patented Krauss Surface Saver mat has been repeatedly tested under a variety of conditions to ensure it will last you for many years to come. Our six month warranty on workmanship is our guarantee that our mats are manufactured with great care and attention to detail.

When you’re ready to buy your own car mat, visit us at Garage Mat. We have the solutions you need to get rid of messy garage floors once and for all.