Garage Mat FAQs


What is the Krauss Surface Saver?

It is a garage mat that you place on your garage floor and drive onto with your car or truck.


What is the purpose of the garage mat?

It protects and saves your garage flooring from contamination.
ie: gas, oil, antifreeze, salt, and water


How does the mat contain the fluids?

The perimeter of the garage mat is raised approximately 3/4 of an inch.


What is in the raised perimeter? Will it break down?

It is a 3/4″ nylon rope, sealed in the perimeter. We tested different materials and found that the rope could be driven over without serious compaction or cracking in -35 degrees Celsius or +35 degrees Celsius. The nylon rope also allows the garage mat to be rolled up for shipping or storage.


Why 3/4″ rope?

We found the 1/2″ rope did not have enough height to contain as much water and a 1″ rope was too high, some vehicle tires would try to push the garage mat forward before rolling over the raised edge.


What is the expected life of the mat?

This product is new and has been tested since 1996. It is our estimation that under normal conditions, the Surface Saver garage mat should last to protect your garage flooring for many years.


Can a vehicle have studded tires?

We do not recommend it.


What is the Krauss Surface Saver made of?

The material is a vinyl coated polyester weave with a U.V coating to protect it from the sun.


How heavy and thick is the material? What colors are available?

The material is 22 oz per square yard and the color is green.


What sizes does the garage mat come in?

We stock: 7.5′x19.5′ / 7.5′x18′ / 7.5×16′ size mats.


Any assembly involved?

No assembly required.



6 months on workmanship.


How heavy is a standard size?

The mat weighs approximately 34 lbs. and package size is about 2′ x 3′.


How do you clean the garage mat?

You could use a wet vac, a pump, a broom or a waterhose. Wet vac works well.


Is the Krauss Surface Saver patented?

The Krauss Surface Saver garage mat is patented in both the U.S. and Canada
U.S. patent # 6165591
Canadian Patent # 2,219,749


Is the Garage Mat glued to the garage floor?

No, the garage mat is portable and can easily be moved around the floor.