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Tired of a dirty garage or shop floor? Fed up with water running to places that it shouldn’t? Can’t open your garage door because the water ran under and froze it down? Is your garage floor drain higher than the rest of your floor? Is the salt, oil, antifreeze, dirt, etc. causing staining and corrosion to your floor? These are all problems that many of us face today.

The Krauss Surface Saver

The Krauss Surface Saver – garage floor mat – is a simple one piece, patented solution to all of these problems.

No more mopping up fluid leaks or spills. With this garage floor covering you can minimize garage and shop floor maintenance. The Krauss Surface Saver protects against contaminants ie; gas, oil, antifreeze, salt, water, etc. These garage floor mats can be easily maintained and looked after using a wet vacuum, pump, broom, or rinse with garden hose. This floor covering is light weight, allowing for easy transport if required.

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100% Made in North America

Krauss Surface Saver Garage Mats Made in North America

A Saskatchewan Canada Company
Manufactured in Springfield, South Dakota, USA


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I recently purchased my 2nd Krauss Surface Saver garage floor mat in November 2010. My 1st mat is a couple years old and I liked it so much that I needed another one for my second vehicle. I noticed that these mats were built in North America which was a huge deciding factor when it came to purchasing these mats. The quality of material is excellent. I was not sold on the other garage mats that are made in China just for the quality reason. The raised outside perimeter always keeps its form no matter how much I drive over it even when its extremely cold. I would recommend these to every person that likes to keep their garage floor clean. — Norma – Fulton, New York – U.S.A

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